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In todays Las Vegas Rental Market, time is money. Save your time, money, and gas by letting us do the tedious leg work for you. There are tons of local websites that never update their inventory, and waiting for an agent to call you back can be quite frustrating when you’ve found what you’re looking for and are ready to go. We pride ourselves in good old fashioned customer service. WE RETURN PHONE CALLS.

Las Vegas Realty Specialists will research your selections by making sure the property you choose is available by contacting the property management and/or listing agent to check for multiple applications being reviewed. Most rental owners or property management groups will charge non refundable application or administrative fees ranging anywhere from $40.00 up to $100.00.

Our goal is to save you time, money, and gas. If we discover an applicant is about to be accepted on a property you interested in, or there are multiple applications in review, we may advise to move on to a different property. This will save you the non refundable application fee you would have lost in the application process. Why waste your hard earned money?

Once we locate which properties will suit your situation, we can set a date and time to go preview the properties in person. After previewing multiple properties and one is selected that meets your needs, we make sure all the necessary documentation and deposit information has been provided to you to expedite the application process. We follow up and remain in constant contact with both parties involved to ensure a smooth rental application approval.

Most agents will give you lock box access codes and have you go ahead to look at properties on your own, possibly wasting your time and chancing your safety. Do you really want to look like a fool when the alarm system goes off and the police show up and there is no agent in site? All of this could have been avoided if the agent could have just showed you some common courtesy and made the time to personally meet you at the property.

We charge a $95.00 non refundable fee for our services in assisting you in finding a rental that meets your needs and standards. To be quite honest, this is a small price to pay for a DAMN good service! This assures a higher level of commitment from both you the client, and us as licensed Realtor’s rendering our professional services. We treat our renting clients with the same respect and professionalism as we do our buyers.

Do you ever wonder why your calls don’t get returned when you call an agent asking for help in finding a rental? To be quite honest, agents make very little if any money after investing their time and gas driving around showing numerous rentals. Most agents don’t want to bother with rentals and simply pass them off to a rookie agent just starting in the business.

Las Vegas Realty Specialists appreciates your business and we are grateful to have you as our client. We look forward to your referrals and the opportunity in representing you in all your future real estate needs. We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with our services and know you will be back when its time to purchase.

Would you rather have a licensed Realtor work hard for you in making sure your time and money is well spent? Or deal with an inexperienced agent with no common courtesy? We don’t give out lock box codes to our clients to later find out they have been arrested for trespassing!


Follow these 3 easy steps to find a home to Rent. Its just that simple!


  1. Register on our site, set up a FREE account. Have 24/7 FREE access to our constant updated rental data base.
  2. Save searches & set up automatic email notifications when a rental is found that meets your criteria.
  3. Contact us to set up a time and date to go preview your rental selections.


Items that may be required from you:

    • Job verification / Proof of employment
    • 2 months pay stubs / 2 months bank statements – if self employed
    • 1st and last months rent (General rule of thumb)
    • Deposits may vary (cleaning, pet, security, etc.) Certified funds – for your protection
    • Certified funds for a Holding deposit. Showing a higher level of interest & commitment


Contact us today. Las Vegas Realty Specialists can assist you in finding the right home to rent. Put our extensive knowledge and expertise to work for you!








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