Las Vegas Real Estate Superhero?

Eloff Perez is your Las Vegas Real Estate Superhero, here to save upside down home owners from Las Vegas Foreclosure! Don’t fall victim to the villain companies out there charging thou$and$ to do your Las Vegas Short Sale. Isn’t it hard enough for people that are in a financial hardship and losing their home to put food on the table, then have to pay thou$and$ to a company who is already getting paid by the bank to short sale their home?

I believe in treating people the way you would want to be treated. It’s not about us, it’s about our clients and getting them the help they need and deserve to have a fresh start on the road to financial recovery. Las Vegas Short Sales dominate over 75% of the Las Vegas Estate Market and many homeowners need to take advantage of the new government programs that are available to them. Uncle Sam has extended “The Mortgage Debt Relief Act” to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure and save those that are eligible thou$and$ in taxes by discharged debt forgiven after a successful Las Vegas Short Sale.

If I can sell your home that you owe more on than what it’s worth, Get the bank(s) to forgive the deficiency balance (what it sold for and what you owed) legally have the bank(s) waive any future right to ever come after you, have you live in your home for FREE until it sold and if eligible possibly get you money in your pocket at closing, would I be Your Las Vegas Real Estate Superhero? Your Damn right I would be. LOL

As your Las Vegas Short Sale Specialist and Certified Distressed Property Expert, I have received extensive training on all the options that are available to homeowners in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. This training has taught me how to recognize the best option for every homeowner’s unique situation, as well as how to complete the processes involved in the most efficient way possible.

I hope you enjoy the funny video above. In case you are wondering who the cute kid in the video is, that’s my son the real Superhero. LOL If you google Las Vegas Short Sale you’ll see him everywhere I am. I am not into putting my mug on everything like most agents do and besides, he is more handsome than I am. LOL I thought it would be different and refreshing to do a funny video to make people smile and laugh.

Thank you for tuning in to my Las Vegas Real Estate Blog. Please be sure to come back for all your Las Vegas Real Estate information, news and information. If you or anyone you may know is facing the possibility of foreclosure, please contact me immediately by calling me or clicking on my information below to set up a FREE private consultation.

“The market has changed, but the way to treat people hasn’t”







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